Sunday, 10 January 2016


Our Catholic churches are full and overflowing on Christmas Day. What draws families to attend mass together at this time ?
After 2000 years, the birth of Jesus Christ is still relived and celebrated by so many people.
I was walking along a suburban street in Melbourne five days after Christmas and a large nativity scene in a store window caught my eye. This understated display was surprisingly compelling in comparison to the tinsel laden, shimmering trees in neighbouring windows.
I stopped and focussed on the infant Jesus in the cradle and his mother Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, sheep and angels. I was an observer marvelling at the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Two thousand years on from the birth of Jesus, we are invited to action our heartfelt purpose. We are warmly welcomed to be more than observers.  We are invited to be participants. The question is how ?
When we visit a family member or a friend in hospital or in their home, we become more than onlookers. We show we genuinely care through our actions. A heartfelt emotion leads to a sense of positive purpose and the feelings are often reciprocal.
The surge we feel in our hearts when we share our love with family and friends can also happen with Jesus. By taking small steps, we move from being passive onlookers to active partners in a relationship with Jesus.
We are invited to open our hearts and let the light of Jesus shine within us.

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