This page will be used to record ideas for school students. 
I aim to interview students who are:
  •  active Catholics
  • chose to get baptised  and more. This will evolve over time.
Here is an interview with two of our students who chose to get baptised - Molly and Sebastian, a transcript of Molly's reflections and photos of Sebastian's baptism.
1. What do you think helped you to decide that you would like to be baptised into our Catholic faith?
When I first started at St Joseph’s, I really enjoyed the RE and I wanted to learn more about Jesus and God.  I thought that I could learn more, by getting baptised and going through the steps.
I talked about it with Mum and Dad and Fr Wayne and everyone was excited for me to be baptised and keep learning.
It means that I can be involved in the services, receive communion, have a prayer partner and I am now learning to be an alter server. It brings you closer to God.
2. Explain what part of the baptism with Fr Wayne felt special for you or the most memorable part of the experience.  
I liked going through this experience in front of the school because the whole school was so supportive and I felt like I belonged to the Catholic Faith.  
3. Is there anything else you would like to add yourself ?
It teaches you to pray and helps you be a kind person and God and Jesus support you through your journey.  

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